On behalf of the people of South United Methodist Church, I want to WELCOME you to our website and Thank You for giving us this opportunity to share something of who we are and what we are about.

Since its conception in 1929,  South United Methodist Church has sought to minister to the spiritual and physical needs of a growing community.  Over the years the community has changed but not our dedication to minister.  Through our food truck and other ministries, we seek to extend Christ’s hand of love and grace.   We hope you will browse our website and see some of our activities but even more hope you will join us at 10:30 a.m. on Sunday mornings and experience some real SOUTHern hospitality.  We believe that if you do, you will find a warm and caring membership ready to extend Christ’s hand to you.

 God Bless,

 Mack Strange, Pastor




 We, the people of  South United Methodist Church, have as our mission to proclaim God’s love to others.  We recognize that the Holy Spirit has gifted each of us to accomplish this.  We invite people to participate in the family of God through meaningful worship, study, and service, which enables all people to grow as disciples of Jesus Christ.

South United Methodist Church 4500 S. Division Ave, Kentwood, MI  49548

(616) 534-8931 Fax: (616)534-5808



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